Creative + Producer

That time I went out on my own. Multi-hyphenate for life, roles range from Producer to Creative Director while the work ranges from TV campaigns to content series to reimagining photo for iconic brands. I’m after good people and good good work (the second ‘good’ for cause driven work - a lovely bonus). Highlights include launching a net new editorial platform, +900K views for my directorial debut, working with Cannes Lions winning ostrich (no lie), and the too many to list talented folks I’ve collected worldwide.

2021, Present
Photographers Featured L/R - Seo Ju, BTS & sketches my own, Samuel Trotter, Marc Santos, Makeda Sandford and illustration by Richard A. Chance
Editorial Lead

That time I got to help build something special. As a team lead responsible for editorial (brand + campaign) photography, collaborating from concept to creation. Highlights include campaigns across the country and US, a billboard in Times Square, first shoot in Paris, and championing female empowerment (in front and behind the camera).

2019, 2020
Photographers Featured L/R - Shaniqwa Jarvis, Carlyle Routh, Nathan Lang, Amy Harrity, and Rachelle Simoneau.
Sid Lee
Sr. Art Buyer + Photo Lead

That time I worked as a photo producer in a creative agency. As part of the Studio + Design teams I made pictures happen (video and illustration too). At first finding the right collaborator (matching the right talent to the creative to take it farther + better) and second making it all happen (on time and on budget). 

2015, 2018
Photographers Featured CW - Marcus Eriksson, Arkan Zakharov, Raina + Wilson, and Norman Wong.

Associate  Photo Editor

That time I got to work on the launch of a national magazine; and then its photo desk for three years. Highlights include producing a job in Siberia (remotely, but still cool), borrowing Cito’s championship ring, winning the office March Madness pool and being on the floor/field/ice for all the action. 

2012, 2015
Photographers Featured L/R - Fede Serra, Maya Visnyei, Nikki Ormerod, and Philip Haynes.

All work is copyright of respective photographers.
Toronto, Canada