Editorial Lead

That time I got to help build something special. As a team lead responsible for editorial (brand + campaign) photography, collaborating from concept to creation. Highlights include campaigns across the country and US, a billboard in Times Square, first shoot in Paris, and championing female empowerment (in front and behind the camera).

2019, 2020
Photographers Featured L/R - Shaniqwa Jarvis, Carlyle Routh, Nathan Lang, Amy Harrity, and Rachelle Simoneau.
Sid Lee
Sr. Art Buyer + Photo Lead

That time I worked as a photo producer in a creative agency. As part of the Studio + Design teams I made pictures happen (video and illustration too). At first finding the right collaborator (matching the right talent to the creative to take it farther + better) and second making it all happen (on time and on budget). 

2015, 2018
Photographers Featured CW - Marcus Eriksson, Arkan Zakharov, Raina + Wilson, and Norman Wong.

Associate  Photo Editor

That time I got to work on the launch of a national magazine; and then its photo desk for three years. Highlights include producing a job in Siberia (remotely, but still cool), borrowing Cito’s championship ring, winning the office March Madness pool and being on the floor/field/ice for all the action. 

2012, 2015
Photographers Featured L/R - Fede Serra, Maya Visnyei, Nikki Ormerod, and Philip Haynes.

All work is copyright of respective photographers.
Toronto, Canada